Last day in Bothell


Good evening to all!

I can’t believe it, today was my last day at work for the summer.. I’m sad, I wish I can take you all with me but so excited for what is about to come! Thank you to everyone at UWB for making it such wonderful place to be this summer. Lots of thanks to Sujana and Krista for prepping me on all things India, I will definitely be rocking the Bindi:)

Tonight I finally get to head down south to see my mom in Olympia, she is making all my favorites before I leave. YAY! Before I leave, I just have to clean my room and stop by to see some friends. I finally packed this morning and it took me half an hour, so I should probably go back and check if I have everything. For my first time traveling abroad this seems too easy, a few days ago I felt like I had so much to do before I left but I’m all good to go. I’m forgetful, so I may have forgotten something but im not too worried, I’ll roll with the punches. Lately, my life has been surrounded by the motto “Yolo” and theories of fate, which I’m afraid I have been taking too literally  but then again defeats the purpose of it all haha I’m enjoying life more than I ever had before by letting go of situations I can’t control. This is the attitude that will keep me going during my trip so I hope that it continues :D

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  1. Lan I will miss you, but I know you will be having a wonderful time in India. Take lots of pictures and embrace the culture.


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