Greetings from Kerala, India


Hi Everyone!

I have left CMC Vellore and  is now in Kerala for the weekend. The train ride from Vellore to Kerala was about 14 hours and it was a rough. This was the first time I had ever been on a train and I’m not sure if I’m ready to ride it back to Chennai from Kerala, but I will have to be prepared by tomorrow. There were roaches and tiny bugs all over the place. I just couldn’t sleep knowing they were there, so I stayed up all night as the exterminator. My childhood memories with roaches haunted me the entire train ride, no way was I going to give these roaches any mercy. One memory that I vividly remember  and will never forget was a rude awakening when a fat pregnant roach crawled into my ear when I was sleeping at the age of eight. I remember feeling something crawl into my ear  late at night so I immediately  checked. I didn’t want it to crawl further into my ear so I killed it, luckily it wasn’t in my ear canal. Roach guts all over my fingers and ear, ekk. From then on, I became the roach exterminator. I never thought that I would have to face this army again, but I did what I had to do, kept myself calm and had my shoe ready. I will use this weekend to relax and prepare myself for another long train (about 15 hours) ride back to Chennai.

After my train ride experience I was so happy to be greeted by a man playing the flute, coconuts with a straw and women with flowers at the Coconut Lagoon. We arrived here by boat because it was the only way to get here, this place is amazing. The whole time I have been in India it has felt like a dream and this was no different. During my tour in northern India I thought buffets couldn’t get any larger and more delicious than this but they are even more grand here in southern India. I ate well and it got even better when we were gifted with 1 hour massages. This was the first time I ever had a massage and wow….I didn’t see any of it coming but it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. Let’s leave it at that :)

Well, I have one week left of school here in India :( and my last stop  will be at Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai. I am excited for this week since this is the first time I will get to observe dentists in India. While I was at CMC Vellore they were not able to make arrangements for me to be in the dental clinic so I was in the pediatric department instead. I am so happy that happened though because the people who I met taught me so much and I was able to learn more about myself . I am now more certain of what I want in life and how I will choose to live it. I look forward to going home with the knowledge and experiences I gained here to create my future. I miss all of you and hope that you are well!

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  1. Hi Lan! I am back fro New York and back to work!

    I have been reading your blog and enjoying it. :) Thanks for trying to keep up with it! You are doing a great job! I have you learn a lot more and have even more fun the last week of your trip!!

    I will see you when you get back! Hugs…….Claribel

  2. Hi Lan! I just got back from vacation in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California :)
    So happy to hear that you are having an AMAZING time on your trip (minus train roaches!–ick!)
    Looking forward to your return and many stories of your journey!


  3. Sounds like you need some cotton to put in your ears. . . I don’t think I could have fallen asleep either regardless of being named Roach Terminator! In your last post you mentioned that the milk was warm – is that the norm there for cereal milk? Sounds like you have some good stories to share when you get back and pictures! Can’t wait. – Gangnam style :P

  4. Lan, I’m so glad you are having such a good experience there. That’s interesting that you are getting your first train experience there. I hope it won’t scare you away from one here! Anyways, you’ll come back with plenty of memories and stories to tell- I look forward to reading and hearing more!

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