Hi Everyone!

I made it home yesterday afternoon, it feels good to be back, but I do miss India already. Today was my first day driving in the states again and just after 5 minutes of driving on the freeway a guy flashed me his middle finger as he passed me. Wow, but at least no honking 🙂 Internet access the last two weeks of my trip were terrible so I apologize for being so behind on my posts. I will catch you up on my last week of school at Sri Ramachandra University and my vacation in Dubai soon. Oh by the way, I tried uploading pictures in India, but a picture took 5 minutes to load so that became exhausting. I will post the pictures on my Facebook instead. If you aren’t my friend on FB then send me a message and I’ll add you to see the pics! 🙂


Greetings from Kerala, India


Hi Everyone!

I have left CMC Vellore and  is now in Kerala for the weekend. The train ride from Vellore to Kerala was about 14 hours and it was a rough. This was the first time I had ever been on a train and I’m not sure if I’m ready to ride it back to Chennai from Kerala, but I will have to be prepared by tomorrow. There were roaches and tiny bugs all over the place. I just couldn’t sleep knowing they were there, so I stayed up all night as the exterminator. My childhood memories with roaches haunted me the entire train ride, no way was I going to give these roaches any mercy. One memory that I vividly remember  and will never forget was a rude awakening when a fat pregnant roach crawled into my ear when I was sleeping at the age of eight. I remember feeling something crawl into my ear  late at night so I immediately  checked. I didn’t want it to crawl further into my ear so I killed it, luckily it wasn’t in my ear canal. Roach guts all over my fingers and ear, ekk. From then on, I became the roach exterminator. I never thought that I would have to face this army again, but I did what I had to do, kept myself calm and had my shoe ready. I will use this weekend to relax and prepare myself for another long train (about 15 hours) ride back to Chennai.

After my train ride experience I was so happy to be greeted by a man playing the flute, coconuts with a straw and women with flowers at the Coconut Lagoon. We arrived here by boat because it was the only way to get here, this place is amazing. The whole time I have been in India it has felt like a dream and this was no different. During my tour in northern India I thought buffets couldn’t get any larger and more delicious than this but they are even more grand here in southern India. I ate well and it got even better when we were gifted with 1 hour massages. This was the first time I ever had a massage and wow….I didn’t see any of it coming but it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. Let’s leave it at that 🙂

Well, I have one week left of school here in India 😦 and my last stop  will be at Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai. I am excited for this week since this is the first time I will get to observe dentists in India. While I was at CMC Vellore they were not able to make arrangements for me to be in the dental clinic so I was in the pediatric department instead. I am so happy that happened though because the people who I met taught me so much and I was able to learn more about myself . I am now more certain of what I want in life and how I will choose to live it. I look forward to going home with the knowledge and experiences I gained here to create my future. I miss all of you and hope that you are well!

First day of school at Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore


Hi Everyone!

Monday 8/27/2012 10:27PM (Vellore, India)

Since internet access is limited, blogging has been inconvenient but I do want to share India with all of you. I will work very hard to give you all the latest news on my trip in India 🙂

My day is from 6AM-8PM and this is not including homework so I am all drained out by the time I get into bed but every moment has been worth it. Let’s start with how last night went. When we got back from dinner last night it was hot so we left the AC on, which was a terrible idea because after midnight we were both freezing since our blankets were just bed sheet covers. I woke up with a bug bite on my ear, which was not bad because before we slept last night I killed a few little bugs crawling on our bed. I was so glad it didn’t itch too badly and luckily, I didn’t get another bug bite on my face. As for sleeping last night, I didn’t get much since it was my first night sleeping at new place. Growing up my mother never allowed me to sleep over at a friends or anywhere besides home so I have been very accustomed to sleeping in the comfort of my own bed. Thinking about it, this is the first time I have been away from my bed for this long. I have been sleeping all over the place for over a week now and every time we go to a different place it still takes me a couple of nights to adjust. Fortunately, it hasn’t been bad at all and I don’t miss my bed yet.. I am so thankful that I didn’t have to go through this alone and I have such loving friends that are here for support whenever I need them.

Finally, I have reached the topic of this blog post, my first day of school! Today breakfast was at 630AM; I had a banana and toast, I really wanted cereal but the milk here is room temperature so no cereal for me. I had tried several times to drink room temp. milk but I can’t do it. Anyway, I had to be at the bus stop at 715AM, the last bus to school, so if I ever miss this bus I won’t be able to get to school. (I can, but this is to be avoided at all costs) I thought that the metro buses in Seattle get jam-packed, this was at another level. Imagine Seattle metro rush hour times 10, because there are people who will ride the bus while standing on the steps of bus and load up next to the bus driver. After this experience I was ready for the full schedule ahead of me for the day, but if I wasn’t awake after that, we had another bus ride to the School of Nursing, which was another loaded bus, not elbow-to-elbow, but a full body alignment. Gettin’ cozy!

After that we received a lecture from the superintendent, the dean and the director of the nursing school couldn’t have been more welcoming. Their dedication to providing the best education and patient care is remarkable because of the tremendous amount of work they put into selecting not only the most intellectual students, but also the students with kind hearts and hard-working hands. I can go on for days about everything I saw at the hospital today, but just so you know how busy this hospital is they have about 4500 out patients a day. Lunch was special today because we ate at the canteen in the hospital, where we were able to speak with the patients and employees of the hospital. We met a son and father who taught us how to properly eat with our hands and shared with us their story on how they ended up at the canteen that day. Today has been so special because of the interaction with the locals and most importantly the first time getting a feel of how working abroad would be like. We ended the day with a tour of the hospital and getting our own ride home since buses don’t start until 430PM and we finished early at about 345PM. We broke up into groups of three and had to get our own rickshaw/auto ( very tiny 3 wheeled car) ride home. I don’t know why but I felt very comfortable getting into the street and started bargaining for rides back to the dorms, given I would have never attempted to even ride a taxi if I was in the states. We ended up getting an awesome deal of 60 rupees and had a dance party on the way home. haha our auto driver blasted Indian techno/rave music through his mini sub in the back, oh we had such a good time!  My day ended with group discussion and a delicious dinner made by our cook, Mr. Money. I can’t think of anything better at the end of the day than having chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream! 🙂

Everyday has been an adventure similar to this one, full of events and even more that I haven’t mentioned. I was afraid this would happen, where I would write a ton and get a little to lengthy with my comments. I hope this was easy to follow, I apologize  for being all over the place! It is way past my bed time at this point so I should head to bed. By the way, within the hour that I have been writing this I have found 3 different types of bugs on my bed, so wish me luck tonight with my new friends! I hope to have more updates soon, keep in touch:)

Greetings from Vellore, India


Hi Everyone!

Sunday 8/26/2012 7:13pm (India)

The northern triangle tour has ended and I have finally reached Vellore, India for school on Monday.  Currently I am staying at the Christian Medical College dorm rooms and sharing a twin bed with my new friend Ji Young in Peach (all the rooms are named so we are the Peaches :)!  Church service on our campus just ended and that was an incredible experience. Right now I am in our common area and waiting for dinner to begin at 7:30pm. I will post pictures soon now that I have solid internet for a week. I hope that everyone is well and is enjoying the rest of summer! Lots of love!

Greetings from Jaipur, India

Hi Everyone! 
Friday 7:30AM (India) 
Internet access has been more difficult than I thought, I think it will be better once I start school in Vellore and Chennai. My travel time was about 24hrs from Seattle to Chennai. Luckily, the airplane food wasn’t terrible and I was able to get some sleep; I passed out after every meal before they could even take my plate away.  It is monsoon season so the weather is quite bad. It has been raining since we landed, except when we arrived at the Taj Mahal it stopped raining for a little and we were able to see the sunset. I wish I can post all the pictures but I am currently using the computer at the hotel. Over the past week, I have been living in hotels and it has been amazing! Free lunch and dinner buffets with all the naan that my heart desires! I just finished with Golden Triangle tour, which included New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Today we are heading back to New Delhi at 9AM and flying into Chennai. The drive from Jaipur to New Delhi should be about 6 hours but driving has been so bad since the roads are flooded that our driving times have doubled! Wish me luck and hopefully I can update everyone soon! I hope that you all are doing well and comment since I’d love to hear from all of you about how has it been in the NW:)

For friends


To all friends,

See y’all later! Heading off to India, this is the end of the summer for me in the states! I want to take a moment to thank everyone for being a part of my life and for teaching me the values of friendship. Honestly, I have made more friends in the past 3 months than in my whole life. Why I feel so blessed is that I have connected and bonded with everyone I have met. I had made friends before but they strictly stayed within an education setting.  For the first time, I truly feel that I have made life-long friendships.  All my life I had been alone, maybe with one best friend here and there. Those few friends that I became best friends with ended up hurting me the most, I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment again. I lost all hope in friendships and had “off limits, no friends allowed” written all over me. I thought being alone was fun, however, I have come to realize building relationships with people is like being at an amusement park all the time! A lady I met at the gym called me m’am for the first time 0.0, I was disturbed at first but I’d like to think that this is a representation of happiness in my life 😉  All the laughter that I have shared with you all this summer may have given me wrinkles but every single one was worth it! This summer has been absolutely incredible and definitely unforgettable. I had such a blast meeting so many new people and building new relationships that I couldn’t even dream of. I can’t thank you all enough for everything. I am so thankful to all of you who are apart of my life; you all have been imbedded into my heart. Please take care and enjoy the rest of your summer. I look forward to my return so I can continue making more memories with all of you! LOTS OF LOVE 🙂

“Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine”


Last day in Bothell


Good evening to all!

I can’t believe it, today was my last day at work for the summer.. I’m sad, I wish I can take you all with me but so excited for what is about to come! Thank you to everyone at UWB for making it such wonderful place to be this summer. Lots of thanks to Sujana and Krista for prepping me on all things India, I will definitely be rocking the Bindi:)

Tonight I finally get to head down south to see my mom in Olympia, she is making all my favorites before I leave. YAY! Before I leave, I just have to clean my room and stop by to see some friends. I finally packed this morning and it took me half an hour, so I should probably go back and check if I have everything. For my first time traveling abroad this seems too easy, a few days ago I felt like I had so much to do before I left but I’m all good to go. I’m forgetful, so I may have forgotten something but im not too worried, I’ll roll with the punches. Lately, my life has been surrounded by the motto “Yolo” and theories of fate, which I’m afraid I have been taking too literally  but then again defeats the purpose of it all haha I’m enjoying life more than I ever had before by letting go of situations I can’t control. This is the attitude that will keep me going during my trip so I hope that it continues 😀